08 July 2009

Sight-unseen apartment hunting - not recommended!

The past three days, my dad & I (mostly my dad, who seems to have an amazing endurance for looking at hundreds of apartment ads, luckily for me!) have been sifting through hundreds of listings on Craigslist Chicago in order to try to find an apartment. We have finally narrowed it down at least to a general area/neighborhood - Lincoln Park - but now just need to narrow it a bit more (there are still hundreds in that single neighborhood!) so that I can either have someone I know in Chicago go take a look and meet the landlord or go there myself. It's fun to just browse through apartments, when one has little to no intention of living in them or needing to find a place in the next couple of weeks...but actually choosing is nearly impossible, especially sight-unseen. I know that I pretty much just need to choose a few to five, call the landlords, and make appointments and go, but then I'll be using a free ticket my dad has, since it would cost me $700 roundtrip to Chicago pretty much anytime this month! Whew. So my shoulders are sore and my head hurts, but we are truckin' on.

The thing that has been frustrating is that Michael is slaving away in the desert heat in CA and not very able to even see many of these listings, let alone come up with an opinion on them. This is solely due to the fact that the internet browser he's using is on his phone, so it's limited even though he can surf as much as he wants. Basically I will just take this opportunity to recommend that if you are looking for an internet-capable phone for actual internet surfing, get an iPhone, because BlackBerries, to my current experience, have somewhat debilitated browsers as far as formatting goes...

Anyway, all of that is boring and I'm sure will be inconsequential in a matter of days, so onto a more concise update. I arrived back on Camano on July 4th in time for an afternoon & evening of visiting with my parents, my godmother, some of their longtime friends and my brother- and sister-in-law. It was a blast. The weather was perfect (although I missed the AC I've gotten so used to!), the company was fabulous and the show was spectacular. We didn't even have to worry about lighting ourselves on fire - just sat on the deck and took in the show coming from the beach & our neighbor's parties!

So it's good to be back, but there are so many odds & ends that need to be tied up! Michael's & my bills, the rest of the wedding thank-you's, cleaning out the rest of my stuff leftover from before we moved... the list goes on! Having said that, though, I do have three and a half more weeks, so it isn't like I'm needing to worry myself sick about it :-)

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