21 August 2009

Temporarily on hold from blogging!

A) Sorry for the long silence...unfortunately it is usually the pattern when I start blogs, but this time it was mostly due to absence of internet access!

B) The absence of internet access is still a pretty consistent reality here in Chicago, so while I am on the internet much more regularly than the past 2 weeks while Michael and I were moving into my new apartment in Chicago, it will mostly be for school emails for the next few weeks at least. I will blog if I can, but most photos will be uploaded to my Facebook account, since the uploading tool there is much quicker than on Blogger!

C) Love to all, and please keep Michael and me in your prayers as we begin this time of intermittent separation before he leaves for Iraq in 2 months, as well as I begin to teach - yikes! - French 103 at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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