24 January 2010

2nd semester - "Spring" 2010

As you can see, I have put the word "Spring" in quotation marks due to the fact that when I arrived back to Chicago to start said "Spring" semester, it was a cozy 10 degrees outside! So I don't really think we can call it that...yet. I am hoping that by the time "Spring" Break rolls around, we will be having temperatures at least in the 50's. However I must admit that this past week we have had particularly mild weather in the mid-30's and 40's...but I think that is ending for another few weeks, the lows for the next few days are gradually making their way down to a single-digit 8!

The semester has started out well, although it is extremely busy. Last semester was, too, but since I am teaching not one section but two this time around, and taking two graduate classes that will require a bit more work than my first two, time organization is paramount. I've found, at least so far, that it's actually even easier this semester because I am forced to use my time wisely. I've also discovered that because I've - at least until now - managed to remain organized and stay on top of things, I have a very good and regular sleep routine even! I'm teaching a 104 class which has been fun since I was teaching 103 last semester and thus have some of the same students. Either way, it is in their best interest to participate and do well this semester, since 104 is the last class for the "basic language requirements" for undergraduate degress at UIC...so if they don't pass this time, they're in for more than they needed to in the first place!

Michael is doing well. We just "celebrated" our 8-month anniversary of our wedding yesterday, which is hard to believe on one hand...and on the other not too much of a surprise. It will be so great to celebrate our first year anniversary together this May, and I'm relieved that we are finally at least WITHIN the year 2010, when he and I will be reunited!!! I am in the midst of beginning the reservations for that two week trip in May, when we will also get to attend a wedding at Hampton Court Palace outside of London, which should be absolutely fabulous. (It also gives me an excuse to buy a new dress, so that's not all bad, either!)

I hope that this new year is going well for you. Chicago is a great city and I'm happy to be here, learning all that I am about teaching, French, history and myself. God is good and has been faithful in teaching me patience amidst showers of blessings and challenges. May He be gracious to you also, and may you remember to focus on the blessings in your life rather than the obstacles.

Below are some pictures of the past week. (Sarah's, B & K on B's 24th birthday, Cécile at the party, Amy & me at Sbucks, and Baby Vienna showing off her new skill of sitting up...and her well-practiced skill of looking like an angel.)

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  1. The pictures of the party are great! I want them.
    I think this "Spring" semester started well and that we still have plenty of cool moments to live before I go back (for example your birthday and then mine!)