02 May 2014

Things I like

I seem to blog in waves, since clearly this week I have posted more than in the past year+! However, after seeing a TED talk video on education (and how all over the world it's really quite backwards in its aims) I was intrigued. The speaker, Sir Ken Robinson, described a girl whose teacher and parents thought she had some kind of learning disability due to her inability to stay focused in class and lots of physical fidgeting. The doctor that was asked to come in realized after talking with her and her mother that she didn't have a learning disability. She was a dancer. (The story is much more detailed, interesting, and inspiring told by Sir Ken, but the gist is here for utilitarian purposes.)

This idea that we each have the need for expression through some kind of art--and not in some philosophical and hypothetical sense of the word, but true art--was shocking. And, not surprisingly, this was one of the points during this talk: we are taught out of our creativity. A creative job (i.e. a job in the arts) is never one that someone will tell you will be a "good" choice. Unless, of course, your name is Lennon, McCartney, or Bono. Having said that--did any of those three have any idea where they would end up? Being celebrated 50 years after their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, advocating in a bed for world peace, or standing up at political charity functions and next to the President, advocating for the world's poorest people? Not based on what I know of them. (And since they are three of my very favorite musicians, I have learned a few things about them.) Of course, this is just a demonstration of a few musical artists.

I don't know if my art is writing or singing. I love them both. I guess my question for myself is: what can you not stop yourself from doing? Perhaps it's this, as I felt the urge to come and share something with someone here, on the digital "page". Either way, I wanted to take a minute to see how many things I could list that I enjoy. Lately I have been feeling something like apathy when it comes to reflecting on "what I would like to be doing" or "what I enjoy about what I am currently doing [in school]". In no particular order other than how they come to my mind, here are some things that I enjoy:

  • having a glass of wine with a dear one
  • driving (if gas were free/before I was aware it wasn't)
  • watching the Chicago Blackhawks
  • hearing a great Beatles cover
  • listening to the Beatles
  • the smell of the ocean
  • spending time with family
  • speaking French
  • traveling in France
  • watching French movies
  • reading and writing about French literature (especially if there were no quarters, grades, or deadlines)
  • teaching 100-level French
  • Chicago
  • cuddling with my cats
  • good sleep
  • riding the bus (if it isn't one that feels like it might fall apart at any moment)
  • having your smile smiled at, or being thanked for it
  • exchanging a "hello" with someone you don't know
  • writing without a time limit or a reason
  • the idea of playing piano (it would be actually playing piano if I weren't so rusty)
  • singing
  • watching The Voice with my husband
  • spending time with my husband when we're doing something that he loves and getting to see him enjoy himself
  • spending time with friends and getting to know them better
  • running into a friend around Ballard (or anywhere else, but it's happened here more than anywhere)
  • knowing that I have siblings now through marriage
  • remembering that I'm married and thinking about what that means
  • thinking about being a TA forever (if that were possible, since I could keep teaching what I do now)
  • hearing someone tell you you're on the right track
  • knowing that God wants to know me better
  • trying to understand that God sent his son to die for me
  • trying to realize that each day will take care of itself, no matter how much or how little worry we throw into the pot with it
  • cooking
  • dreaming about the day I will have a dishwasher again
  • dreaming about the day we might have a house
Clearly, I enjoy more things that I thought. Every time I'm asked, "Well, what do you want to do??" I never know what to say. There are, of course, other things. However, I think these are some of the most important right now, since they came to mind first. I guess I just don't want to be the one who doesn't understand that she's a "dancer", and I think this might be step 1 at this point. I've been feeling a bit lost, a bit sad, and a bit like I'm up a creek without a paddle. (In several areas of my life.) However, I have faith that God has reasons for this season (no rhyme intended...initially) and that He will bring me to the next step. 

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