29 January 2016

Baby Jonathan becoming more of a little person with each passing day

It's amazing how fast this little boy is growing. In the past week, he has found his hands in earnest, squeals and laughes (and screams) more when we play, and has started looking out the window from the carseat (photo here). As he has begun teething, he's making new faces while he chews on his gums, like a man without dentures in. He continues to sleep through the night, for now, which is of course a huge blessing as it allows me to get a few things done! He seems to love spending time with both Michael's and my mom (and dads, when they are around!) and I am slowly adjusting to being okay with being away part time for work.

Work has, not surprisingly, been one of the most challenging adjustments for our family. As I said, Jonathan generally does great. I, on the other hand, have to work to actually "be" at work. Yesterday was the first time I stayed to do more than just eat, pump or last-minute prep at my office...and the world didn't end! I still feel guilty if I'm gone for too long, but at least my work isn't too far away and so my time gone is relatively maximized. 

We are so lucky to be Jonathan's parents. It is still very hard to believe that we are a mom and dad, and that puts new pressures on our relationship, but we are all healthy and doing our best!

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