28 June 2017

Greetings from a butterfly

Yesterday marked 17 years since my godfather passed away. I didn't really celebrate or mark it in any particular way, other than sharing a post from last year that seemed to invoke the sentiments I always hope to in his memory. However, this morning, I realized that David was trying to say hello to me yesterday, despite my lack of acknowledgment of his passing.

When Dave passed, Kathy, my godmother, and myself began to share the idea that he had become a butterfly. His lifeless body was no longer and he was now a beautiful creation, the one he had been made for by God from the day he was born. Since 2000, she and I have exchanged various cards and tokens featuring butterflies, and each time I see one, I usually think of Dave and even say hello. Yesterday, Jonathan was literally fixated on one page in his book "I Am A Bunny". My mom and I assumed he was just worn out and getting obsessed because it was nearing bedtime. He begged to have us bring him his Hungry Caterpillar dinner plate to compare what he was looking at on the board book page with one of the pictures on the plate. Eventually, he had his bath, we read other books and sang, said our prayer, and he went to sleep peacefully.

This morning, I realized that he had been fixated on the butterflies. I sure miss you, David. And "hello" right back.

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