28 June 2009

On vacation!

It is terribly hard to be away from Michael, but it's been so great to be in California with Jes. I'm pretty sure that I got the short end of the being-apart-stick, since he's stuck at our home where we've been together for the past month and a half and I'm in a place he's never been! I thought I would be less "together" than I have been since getting here - don't get me wrong, saying goodbye at the airport sucked and we both cried (sorry Babe, it's okay if people know you care!) but I haven't been in hysterics constantly since, so I guess that is a good thing, since it would impede me having a good time here.

We haven't done a whole lot yet here, but I've had a chance to get some much-needed rest. Yesterday we went to one of Jes' friend's grad party which was crazy-attended. The family had just finished a renovation of their massive backyard...which included a putting green with light-up holes! Pretty cool, but I wouldn't want to be the one to maintain it... So that was interesting. I just enjoy seeing where my friends live and do their everyday things and spending time with them, so I am happy to do whatever. Jes is taking the GRE in about a week and a half, so she needs to study pretty regularly,which gives me time to work on wedding thank-you's or selecting the wedding pictures I want to have printed! We were supposed to go into San Francisco today with her dad, but it turns out that the Gay Pride parade is going on this weekend, so it is basically one of THE worst days to go downtown or even bypass the city all year! We haven't decided on an alternative yet, so I'm just updating my thoughts on here.

Here's a picture of Auntie Jes and her cute little nephew, Dominic...who is just over 3 weeks old. Such a doll.

Here we are yesterday, roasting in 101 degrees - in the shade! I almost passed out from the heat :-/

And, just for good measure, Michael & I waiting to get our table outside the Texas Roadhouse last weekend. It was hot, but we had a fun date-night. The love of my life!!!

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