17 June 2009

Sticky weather and errands!

It is sticky outside today! Michael and I were up at 4am so that I could drop him off to his Sgt.'s house to carpool and have the car for the day, and even when we went outside around 4:30, you could feel the air and it was 75 degrees. I told Michael and it smelled like the reptile room in zoos...strange. I'll try not to dwell on that now that I've said it, since snakes aren't exactly one of my favorite things in the world!

Today it is off to the post office and the grocery store - seemingly mundane tasks for some, but for me: excitement! Ha. Actually I really do enjoy doing the simple things, especially when I'm not rushed. I'm even planning on going to Starbucks - gasp! That is just surprising because, as you may have gathered, I am still a bit sketchy on making my way around the roads between our apartment and...well, basically everywhere else! Fortunately, Sbucks is just about a mile off of the main highway that I'm most familiar with, so it is all good. And we still have a giftcard there, so I won't even be spending my "own" money. The little joys in life.

In just over a week, I'll be heading out to San Ramon to visit my dear, dear friend Jes for a week and a half and then up to Seattle to go home for a month. Michael has training in the desert of California for Iraq, so I didn't see much point in staying down here in the stickyness if you see what I mean. I have met some great women down here, though. I'm so looking forward to seeing Jes and my parents and finishing packing my room. I will miss Michael very much, but it will make the couple weeks we have back home in August that much more precious to us. 

I know that I said this in the first post a couple days ago, but I'm planning on getting some updated pictures of the apartment up here in the next few days. 

Pour cette raison même, faite tous vos efforts pour ajouter à votre foi la force de caractère, à la force de caractère la connaissance, à la connaissance la maîtrise de soi, à la maîtrise de soi l'endurance à l'épreuve, à l'endurance l'attachement à Dieu, à cet attachement l'affection fraternelle, et à l'affection fraternelle l'amour. Car si vous possedez ces qualités, et si elles grandissent sans cesse en vous, elles vous rendront actifs et vous permettront de connaître toujour mieux votre Seigneur Jésus-Christ.     
2 Pierre 1.5 à 8              

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