25 February 2012

Entering the work force

I had really hoped to update before going in to my new job last week, but obviously never got around to it. So, here I am. This may be one of the first times that I truly am relieved that it's Saturday. Grad school was pretty consistently a full-time thing (and often more than that, but as far as going to and from the school) but there was so much downtime and I wasn't paid hourly, so I think there was slightly less pressure to use every second effectively even in the office. I feel kind of like a jerk when I mention how tired I am, given how much harder and longer hours Michael works every week, but it is a big transition for me nonetheless. Juggling dinner prep and trying to keep the apartment looking like someone picks up dishes and clothes every once in a while is a lot more tiring when you've been away for nine hours.

The job has started out really well, and I'm getting more and more excited about it. I've never been a leasing consultant or even worked in any kind of real "sales" position, so I've been on pretty constant information overload for the past five days. However, now most of the information either sounds familiar because I've heard it before by this point, or else my mind is settled enough that it's absorbing new things easier again :-) The office I'm doing my training at is staffed with the greatest people, and the lady training me is truly a gem. She was actually the person who rented Michael and I our current apartment over a year and a half ago, and just transferred to her current property about four months ago, so it really helps to know the person you're being trained by. It makes it feel slightly less intimidating since I've already interacted with her quite a bit. I have the utmost respect for her skill and she's a great teacher.

I don't know whether I even really gave much detail, if any, about this job; the last time I blogged I believe I had just heard there was another position open but hadn't received it yet. I'm working for Greystone Properties, and you should check out their website! We have lived in Greystone apartments since we were married, and their service and homes are impeccable and have a matching reputation in the Columbus area. It is truly an honor to have become a part of their "family", and it really does feel as such; everyone is very nice and welcoming. It also helps that they all seem to love working for the company. As with any job/position in customer service, you will always have residents who need very special attention or requests that approach the impossible, but GS does a fantastic job of training its employees to overcome obstacles and to have options for such residents, even if their requests to end up being impossibilities!

Last weekend was my 25th birthday, and we had a fun time celebrating. I literally took two photos the whole time, and they are on Michael's phone so I will have to get them eventually. Lately, I just am not really inspired to document every moment...mostly because I know it will mean organizing it all on my computer at SOME point! Even since I've gotten an external drive to back up my entire laptop, I still don't want to add much memory. Anyway, my birthday: We just had a bit of a party at our friends' house, and it was really nice to just hang and visit with a few couples we are close with down here. I was given some very sweet gifts, and really felt loved. My first crack at homemade buttercream frosting for my chocolate cake, however, was NOT a huge success. I guess I shouldn't have been as disappointed as I was that it tasted so much like butter, given the name...

Michael is heading out for a month of training this week, so today and tomorrow I am doing my very best to keep myself from spending much time cleaning - I suppose it can wait until he's away :-) Not that he doesn't like it clean, but his idea of when it needs cleaning and mine are, not surprisingly, a bit different! Starting work has definitely begun to help me let go of keeping everything perfectly spiffy 100% of the time, though, so maybe our opinions of cleanliness will begin to be more similar eventually. I will miss him while he's gone, but it will give me a good chance to get into the swing of my job schedule (it will only be part time, but I'm sure it will still take me some time to get my other weekly activities working well together!) so that he can go back to not worrying about so many dinner details! He has been so helpful even though he's worked a full week, too, and I am greatly indebted to his patience.

I will sign off for now, but hope to come back for an update soon.

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  1. Sounds like things are going well and that you're figuring things out. Looking forward to catching up and hearing your voice next weekend!