28 May 2012

It has been quite some time since I last updated this! Things have been busy since I started my job as a leasing consultant, and I'm finally adjusting to a new rhythm. Even just part-time was a pretty big change, especially since I work on the weekends. It does give Michael some time to go fishing and relax without me telling him to change the channel or do his chores (!), but with the heat having already started here in the South, I am simply drained by the time I arrive home even after 4 hours! That being said, I am so incredibly grateful to have a job, and have worked hard to change my thinking and attitude now that my free time for errands is limited. I've also interviewed and am waiting on the final word on a job as a French instructor at Columbus State University in the fall. Basically, they are just finalizing the schedule before telling me which sections I will be teaching, so that is very exciting. It will only be for that semester since we will be returning to Washington in early 2013, but I figure that any experience actually teaching at a university will be a huge plus to be able to have on my résumé! I continue, also, tutoring an adorable little 4 year old named Chloé in the language.

Michael and I just returned from our last trip home to Washington last week. It was a whirlwind, as usual, but we had some great time with both families, as well as with a new family, the Yakobchuks, as our brother Joel married their Ella on May 20th. It was a beautiful wedding and both of us were honored to be included in the wedding party. Here is a picture of me with my two sisters-in-law:
We were able to be with both of our moms on Mother's Day; Michael hadn't been together with Deborah for it for 6 years! The weather was absolutely amazing up until the day before Joel & Ella's wedding, but luckily it was indoors and just as stunning as it would have been if the sun had been out. There was enough of a break in the rain for us all to take some of the photos outdoors. The newlyweds have headed off to Fiji for two weeks. Ella is so sweet and we are really looking forward to getting to know her better after we are back in the area. 

Today we have the day off for Memorial Day and remember those who have given their lives for this country and our freedoms. It saddens me to hear of the many soldiers Michael works with today that don't really seem to have realized how big of a responsibility it is to wear the uniform, but I also believe that God knows what He is doing and has a hand in it all, even when things seem particularly unreasonable! We have been fortunate to meet many soldiers and officers who have been truly inspirational to both of us, and who Michael looks up to very much. 

Here are a couple more pictures to wrap up this post - I meant to take more, but have gotten a bit too lax with my photos the past year! Getting too settled in to an "everyday" life, I suppose :)

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