11 June 2012

Another season

This week marks somewhat of (another!) new season in our time in Georgia. Michael's unit is heading out on a deployment, but he will not be going with them. He's been assigned to stay back and be one of the general maintenance mechanics with two other guys. What a gift it is! Until we got the final-final-final word, I tried to focus on the positives of both scenarios: if he goes, we have the opportunity to save some extra money and I will be busy with work; if he stays, obviously we are saved from another long period of separation. I am thankful, however, that it ended up being the latter. Due to the perks of my work as well as just simply having a second income, we have started to save a little extra money already. In preparation for our move back home to Washington, this is going to come in handy! The Army will be moving the bulk of our belongings, but we plan to drive our truck cross-country to meet them. We are so excited!!!

As I write this morning, I am listening to a "vintage" Third Day album that brings me far back to when Michael and I first met and were both part of the youth group at Faith Fellowship church. My godfather, Dave, was still alive and it felt like life could only get better. The truth is, it does; just not usually in the way that you think it will! Who knew that all those years ago (Team H&M has known one another for almost 15 years at this point...) I had met the person I would end up spending the rest of my life with! It is so strange to reflect upon. Lord help me if a child of mine has the same thing happen...! This music also brings me back to some of my best memories with some great friends. I am glad to still know all of them and look forward to getting to "know" them again; this time, we are pretty much all grown up and much changed! It seems that the joy of looking forward to moving back west grows each day as I realize more and more just how much I have missed in being so far away for so long. Of course, God only knows what will come in the future, but no matter what it is, I am thankful that we look forward to at least some time actually living near our oldest friends and our families!

Grateful as I am that Michael will not be leaving for Kuwait this week, my heart goes out to those who are preparing to say goodbye for many months. I have never been present for the very departure, so it is already a new experience to be here for it. I do know, however, the moment of that last conversation on the US cell phone and the strange flood of emotion that follows and continues for the next 9-12 months. This deployment should only last 9 months, but I believe that that may mean they do not get a 2 week R&R like a normal deployment. Needless to say, it breaks my heart to know what our fellow spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, and children are going through at this time. It is a surreal thing to think that we will not see them again before we move, most likely. I know we will be back to Georgia, since my goddaughter is here, but it will be strange to not be able to pick up the phone and invite someone over to the pool for a barbeque.

My job has been going well. I finally feel very comfortable with almost each scenario and task, and have been working on reformulating my attitude also. It is so easy to not fight the habit of just waiting to get off work. What for? I love spending time with Michael, but often when I get home the biggest event is doing the dishes! The past two weeks have been especially taxing, due to the last-minute absence of one of my coworkers and me covering for her. I enjoy being in the office on a more full-time basis, but I didn't get any time off between the week prior to when I filled in, so by Friday I was a wreck! Friday night we went to Atlanta with one of Michael's friends and were out very late, so today is the first day I am really just taking to rest. I've come down with a bit of a cold, but hope to nip it in the bud by Wednesday afternoon when I go back to the office. So - my new attitude. I figure it is such a waste of energy to focus on what time one gets to leave; it sets you up for much more disappointment if a customer arrives right before closing, and pretty much blocks any occasion of enjoyment. Touring someone is not an inconvenience but an opportunity to get to know someone who very possibly could be a resident at some future time. Why not focus on them? It has added much spring to my step. An interruption to writing an email or working on a lease can lead to the most enjoyable conversation of the day.

I hope that this post finds you all well.

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