29 July 2012

Old Friends

I suppose we all have a song or a melody that causes the tears to come right to our eyes, no matter where we are or what frame of mind we may be in. We may be told in the Bible to always be anticipating what is to come and to look for the Kingdom of God, seizing every moment - but in our human state we are still formed by the events of our lives, the origins of these tender parts of our hearts where only a poem or a song can touch a part of us long changed or even gone. One of these songs for me is Old Friends, a Simon & Garfunkel classic that came into the world long before I did. I'm sure that my initial reaction comes always from the fact that I know my dad will never sit on a park bench with my godfather, who was his best friend and who has passed now 12 years ago. However, I know in my heart that he has been blessed with many, many other friends with whom he will share that park bench someday. As the song continues, it brings any listener, I would assume, to ponder their own season of life and their own dear friends. Being 25 myself, the line "How terribly strange to be 70" certainly rings true. I have struggled quite a bit in the last few years with seeing my parents and relatives age after I have been away for long periods of time, and to think of when I will be the grandmother or the great-aunt and what that will look like is truly strange. Not in a negative way, but just in the very true sense of that word. Foreign comes to mind, also. For now, I am happy to be where I am and that I am healthy and blessed with a family that I will grow older with for a long while yet. We are indeed made for a greater Place, but this never seems to fully erase the realities of our physical bodies and the ties we have with our loved ones here on the earth.

Things are gearing up for a particularly busy fall here in Georgia. In two weeks, I will begin my first teaching job outside of grad school at Columbus State University. It is still hard to believe that I am actually a professor. Maybe if I started the lesson planning that I have been putting off, I would feel more comfortable in the role! Ha. I am excited for this new adventure, and somewhat glad that it is only one semester; I'll have enough time to get into a good rhythm and learn many new things, I'm sure, but working two jobs will only last a little over three months. I will continue to work at Greystone, with only a change in schedule to avoid working literally seven days a week. I will also continue tutoring the little girl that I do, although lately she is complaining that it is "too hard". We may have to take a couple of sessions to work on cursive or singing French songs instead of learning new words, but I am optimistic that, in her extreme youth of 4 years old, she will pull through! So, it will certainly not be a dull period.

I hope that all is well with you, and pray that you will be blessed today! Hopefully I will be back again soon for more updating. Much love to you!

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