09 August 2012

High cholesterol?

Just a quick note as I need to get back into preparing for classes to start next week the rest of the day. Yesterday, my bloodwork confirmed that my cholesterol was exceptionally high despite my age. It has sparked my interest in learning more about how to cook or enjoy fruits and vegetables in a variety of ways. On one hand it is a bit frustrating, since I have been working extra hard the past couple months on exercise and cooking healthy. Butter is one of the few things I can work to eliminate completely, but otherwise I really only fall down on ice cream (and have done so much less than was normal for me previously!). 

This morning, Michael and I went to the massive gym on base; he has today and tomorrow off for a 4-day weekend and I'm off also. He was meeting some guys to play basketball and so I got some time to focus on a good hour and fifteen minutes of cardio. My goal is to kick cholesterol's butt all the way to the other side of the world! Haha. Though that alone will probably not push the numbers down, I am optimistic and remain determined to continue working out consistently despite the impending spike in business of my schedule :)

So, just a little word on recent events and what I intend to do about them. I finally received the final official word about when and what I will be teaching starting next week. It will be a French 1002 Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and only one section. I am thankful, despite the 50% drop it obviously means in the salary. With my work at Greystone, I sometimes have to work harder to "leave work at work" than I used to at grad school, it feels like! Thus, I am excited to be able to continue that while taking advantage of an opportunity at Columbus State, which will get me some invaluable experience in this current job. Of course, prayers and encouragement are always happily received :)

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