07 February 2017

JDB update! (15 and a half months)

Since leaving Facebook, I have been told by many that they miss seeing posts of Jonathan and updates about him (it seems it was why most people were still "friends" with me! 😂). I am still not interested in reactivating my account at this time, so I've decided to make an effort to post more, shorter blogs with photos and information about how he's growing and what he's up to.

The past few weeks, he has been learning many new things. In just the past few days, he's said "minion" and "tractor" for the first time, and seems to be on the brink of many other new words. (Up to now, "mama/maman/mum", "dada/papa/baba" and "ha=hot" have been his main words.) It's amazing to watch his little wheels turn as he processes language and begins to make those connections. Since I only speak in French to him, we are very curious to see how the two languages emerge.

Jonathan LOVES being outside! He is a diligent little worker with his daddy, usually walking around with a screwdriver or tiny hammer with which he periodically pounds the grass or gravel. He also enjoys the snow, although the wet stuff we had yesterday and the fact that I'd left all of his boots at Grandma's didn't make for a very long playtime, and he quickly was over it. Here are a couple photos and a video from his recent times outside.

He also loves music! He has a small guitar that perhaps in a few years he can actually play like you are "supposed" to. For now, he has become a very good strummer while the guitar sits flat in our living room. He loves to listen and watch Michael play his guitar. This week, Jonathan has also started "playing" piano "by himself". He does seem to have a pretty good grasp on how it's supposed to look, and he loves to adjust the settings on my keyboard. This week, he even figured out how the volume works and enjoys turning it all the way down and all the way up as he tests that it is still working as he thinks it does! Here's a video to prove it.

Jonathan continues to laugh and smile often (and make us do the same), which is a mercy, as he has entered the whiny toddler stage recently! Despite this, I would still say that the best way to describe him would be extremely curious and joy-filled. I will do my best to continue to post updates regularly.

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