16 February 2017

Tomorrow, 30. Today, a little reminiscing on 20.

I turn 30 years old tomorrow. What a weird thing, to change decades. Most of us only do this, what, 8, maybe 9 times in our lives. So I feel it is a good thing to take the opportunity to reflect on the last decade.

This time 10 years ago, I was in France. I was actually in London for the weekend of my actual birthday that year, since a friend I'd met at Whitworth was studying abroad there the same year I was in Lille. Katie showed me around town and we had a great time...and lots of beverages, I guess! One of the perks of studying abroad the year I did was that the legal drinking age in Europe is generally 18 years old, if not 16. But turning 20 was still a special thing. Here is a photo of myself and my roommates, Heather and Claire-lise, when we went out to moules-frites before I went away for the weekend:

Here are some of the photos showing just a few of the drinks Katie and I shared while I visited her in London...

While in London, I also managed to meet up with a woman who I'd met years before in Austria, Danuta. Of course, we had a drink, too!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, though it is a bit sad to leave my 20's behind. I look forward to what the next decade has in store!

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