12 September 2011

Job hunting, a new lease, and, as always, kitties.

Last week we signed a new one-year lease; we've never lived somewhere long enough to do that! It was a cool feeling, though many might not think much of it. That being said, we got to choose a "bonus" from a short list, which was fun. I guess we could have chosen the "One-time cleaning" or "Have an accent wall painted"...even the "Go Green! All energy efficient bulbs". But, in light of a new budget that doesn't really have any set dinners out, we most certainly chose the "Dinner & a movie".

In other Burgess entertainment news, we have a weekend in Atlanta coming up to go to Zoo Atlanta AND a Taylor Swift concert! For those of you who are rolling your eyes for Michael's sake, don't: I attended a Chevelle concert with him about two years ago, at which I literally thought I was going to be moshed to pieces. Marriage is all about balance, eh? Having said that, I think we are both looking forward to the concert, even if he more just appreciates her talent. According to him, though, he's going to wear a cowboy hat and a pink Taylor Swift shirt to the show, and burst into tears when she comes on-stage. I can't decide which show I'm looking forward to more! Ha. Either way, it will be a great weekend. The zoo has a new giraffe calf, so that will be fun to see.

The past few days, Michael and I have been job-hunting for me. I had applied to a couple places locally, but since the applications now are almost 100% online, I wanted to introduce myself to the manager and pass along my resume in person. While this fact alone can't open up a job, I think that it's rare that someone actually takes the time to go somewhere before being asked for an interview, and I had almost all really positive reactions/exchanges with the managers I met. We'll see - Michael said to me last night that he felt "this was the week". Hmm.

It's so strange to think that, at this time a year ago, I was eagerly anticipating Michael's arrival home from Iraq. (The only reason I made that parallel today in particular was because Facebook did that "One year ago today" thing and told me what my status had been, ha.) What a year it has been. I miss Chicago, but I'm slowly but surely letting myself settle into our life here. It hasn't been easy, and Michael has had to put up with some major mood swings from me, but I am just completely unaccustomed to being without specific "goals" that are being given by specific teachers and mentors. God has blessed me with amazing professors who have not taken my individual strengths for granted, and who have pushed me to improve my personal weaknesses. I think one of my greatest struggles lately is feeling that I may very well lose some of the affinity that I gained the past two years especially while I flail around looking for a job. So I am trying to stop flailing and remind myself that I have been given talents by God and they are not something that I bought or found myself.

I wanted to share the latest funny shots of my cats. Mater has taken to the bathroom counter whenever Michael and I are in there getting ready or just taking a shower or a bath. I don't know that she'll fit on the one you see her on below when she's full-grown, but for now it's one of her favorite places.

Taffy is a strange one when it comes to love and attention; she much more than Mater is always jumping up on our laps or sitting right next to us on the couch, but she's very sensitive to what part of her we pet for any length of time, and is very quick to bite! I think they are actually "love bites", because otherwise I don't see why she would continue coming for attention. Unfortunately, I am not a cat and don't appreciate that kind of sign of love! Michael gives me a hard time about Taffy's and my relationship, saying I am always provoking her even though I complain when she bites or scratches. I think he's full of it ;-)

Almost everyday in the mid- to late-afternoon, the cats cuddle up for a little double-nap that often becomes a grooming session after not too long. It's one of the cutest things I've seen, and I'm always trying to get a "perfect" picture of it...finally we took a few seconds of video of them this weekend. Hope it makes you smile!

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