01 September 2011


After that heavy essay, I wanted to post a few pictures from recent months. Many of you who read this may already have seen some or all of these on Facebook, but I post them anyway for those who haven't. Unfortunately, I am not the most expert at technology and accidentally uploaded these in chronological reverse order.

Mater, our tabby kitten. In a past life she was a circus-cat.

My goddaughter, Jasmine, "pushing" me on her toy truck at her first birthday party last weekend.

Taffy, our two year-old tabby mix who had a past life as a tiger.

Heading out to Alabama to meet up with our dear friend, Laura! Me and Amelia. One of the best and longest time Friends that I have.

Graduation from UIC on Mother's Day, 2011.

"Into the wardrobe"...this is the wardrobe from C.S. Lewis' home where Narnia was written. It is housed at the Wade Center in Wheaton, Illinois. I never found Mr. Tumnus.

Many of the TA's that I worked with and became friends with last year. From L to R: Jeff, Chelsea, Jared, me and Heather.

Where I spent the past two academic years. I remember seeing this sign for the first time at the end of February in my senior year at Whitworth and thinking it was one of the coolest things ever.

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