28 September 2011

Online couponing...?

This morning I am wasting an amazing amount of time trying to pull some advantage and/or actual savings from online "couponing". I know there are women who have saved literally thousands of dollars by doing this, and while I have no intention or aspiration to that level of the activity, I am wondering how even $5 savings is possible! I have spent the past hour or so "signing up" for a couple sites, but they all ask you to sign up for about a billion "offers" in the process, none of which I'm particularly comfortable doing. Thus, I'm wondering if the whole thing has been a waste of time, since all offers seem to depend on one another to succeed or provide any benefit, somewhat like dominoes.

It does feel like this is a total waste of time, but since it's very stormy outside and I don't have anywhere to be until this afternoon, I guess it's not the end of the world! I'll just have to keep checking to see if there are coupons for stuff we actually use periodically, and hope that I haven't inadvertently signed my soul away this morning via my email or birthday. Ugh, I am so tired of companies and individuals taking advantage of even simple things like contests, that used to be fun and worry-free! If I enter, I should win or never hear from them again, I think. But if I don't win, it seems to be a worse situation, since one receives an eternity of spam emails just for hoping for one little prize. NOT COOL.

Cats are pretty funny. I bathed both of ours yesterday morning, and they proceeded to spend the rest of the day taking about three times as many baths of their own than usual. Apparently they didn't like the smell of the flea soap...

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